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Sun SPARCstation 5 (70/85/110 MHz) / Netra i5 / Netra i500 / Netra i525 / Netra s5

Linux installs "out of the box" on a SPARCstation 5.
To install from CD-ROM, simply enter 'boot cdrom' at the Open Boot Prompt. Installation itself is (at least under Debian) almost identical to x86 systems.

To do anything useful on these systems, at least 1 GB of hard disk space should be available for Linux.

As the SPARCstation 5 is not too fast, it's better to use it as a server with text mode interface.
If you want a GUI, stay away from KDE or Gnome and use a light weight window manager like IceWM.

Technical Specifications

Linux compatibility compatible compatible
Series sun4m (SPARCstation Generation 2, Netra i/j/s)
System type
Architecture SPARC (SPARC V8 (32-Bit))
CPU microSPARC-II, 70/85/110 MHz
System bus SBus
Peripheral bus SCSI 2
Years of production 1994 -



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