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Apple 51xx/61xx/71xx/81xx/91xx

These systems are very slow compared to modern machines. Even in text mode reaction is not overwhelming, probably due to the fact that there is no hardware text mode on Macintoshs.
They can still be used for smaller services, e.g. as a file server for home networks or as web server for static web pages.


compatible Macintosh Performa 6110CD / 6112CD / 6115CD / 6116CD / 6117CD / 6118CD
compatible Power Macintosh 6100
compatible Power Macintosh 7100
compatible Power Macintosh 8100
compatible Workgroup Server 6150
compatible Workgroup Server 8150
compatible Workgroup Server 9150


Apple 51xx/61xx/71xx/81xx/91xx



PowerPC PowerMac/NuBus

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