... Linux beyond x86

NEC MobileGear II / MobilePro / sigmarion (MIPS based)

PDA series.


not compatible MC-CS11
not compatible MC-CS12
not compatible MC-CS13
not compatible MC-R300
not compatible MC-R320
not compatible MC-R330
compatible MC-R430
compatible MC-R450
not compatible MC-R500
not compatible MC-R510
not compatible MC-R520
compatible MC-R530
compatible MC-R550
very limited compatible MC-R700
very limited compatible MC-R730 / MC-R730F
not compatible MobilePro 200
not compatible MobilePro 300e
very limited compatible MobilePro 400
not compatible MobilePro 450
compatible MobilePro 700
compatible MobilePro 750 / 750C (MC-R500A)
compatible with restrictions MobilePro 770 (MC-R520A)
compatible with restrictions MobilePro 780 (MC-R530A)
compatible with restrictions MobilePro 790 (MC-R530A)
very limited compatible MobilePro 800 (MC-R700A)
very limited compatible MobilePro 880 (MC-R730A)
compatible sigmarion
compatible sigmarion II



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