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Developed in cooperation of Motorola and IBM, these CPUs are used mainly in Apple's PowerMacs and in IBM's pSeries and iSeries systems (aka RS/6000 and AS/400).
Meanwhile IBM has taken over development of PowerPC CPUs completely.


  • APUS - Amiga PowerUP System - Amiga systems with PowerPC upgrade boards.
  • CHRP - Secord standard for the architecture of (IBM's) PowerPC systems
  • generic
  • iSeries - IBM iSeries (former AS/400)
  • PowerMac - Apple Power Macintosh computers with PCI bus and compatibles.
  • PowerMac/NuBus - The first models of Apple Power Macintoshs
  • PReP - First standard for the architecture of (IBM's) PowerPC systems. Erster Standard für die Architektur von (IBM-)PowerPC-Systemen
  • RS/6000 Microchannel - Earliest IBM-PowerPC machines


The following Linux distributions are available for this architecture.


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